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Guitar Backing Tracks

The Usefulness Of Backing Tracks For Guitars

Every guitarist knows how amazing it feels to simply be able to play. Whether you prefer acoustic or electric, simply hitting the strings in correspondence to your favorite chord is one of the most satisfying feelings and sounds you can experience as a guitar player. Of course, playing free form licks, scales, melodies, and riffs tap right into the same vein.

It’s immensely fun and rewarding to simply play on your own and enjoy creating music from nothing, but that can’t be your sole focus if you’re ever going to become a more full fledged musician. It’s crucial that you understand how your guitar works alongside other instruments. You also need to have a good sense of timing and dynamics, meaning when to play softer and when to go all out. These tools are essential for musicianship, and they are traditionally only learned through playing with others.

The downside of course is that many guitarists don’t have the luxury of jamming along with other musicians or band mates. That’s especially true for up and comers that are only starting out. Fortunately, there’s at least one strong alternative that can help you benefit in many of the same ways: backing tracks for guitars.

With backing tracks, you’ll have basic bass and drum recordings you can play along to practice your timing and overall feel. If you’re serious about music, you’ll need to be able to reign yourself in a bit and play with a song rather than against it. It’s fun to go all out on your own at times, but it’s important to be able to play with the music. If you’re rhythmically inconsistent, you’ll always struggle to make any progress when trying to get together with other musicians down the line.

Practicing with backing tracks for guitars early on in your “musical journey” is among the best ways to make sure you have a strong foundation of legitimate musicianship. You’ll have a serious leg up over anyone else that might be new to playing along with other instruments and a better sense of your role in a given song. It’s an amazing learning experience that can really take your playing to the next level, even if you’ve decided to teach yourself to play!

It’s also worth noting that backing tracks make practicing a whole lot more fun. It can be inspiring to play your favorite riffs or licks without any accompaniment from time to time, but to really be able to feel other instruments backing up what you’re playing is an experience that can’t possibly be over valued. Even going through the motions with scales you’re trying to learn can actually seem a bit more interesting if you have a cool beat and bass line to try them over.

So if you want to have the next best thing to playing along with other musicians as you learn the guitar, you should definitely use backing tracks. It will keep each exercise far more fun, and your timing and sense of dynamics will soar. The internet is a wonderful resource absolutely brimming with them, so take advantage!…